176. The time has come for…

… religious leaders, scientists, governments and major institutions who set out the rules and goals driven by ego build ideas, to acknowledge their failures and start to focus and accept the science and laws of god as revealed in the articles. There is an overwhelming evidence which, while found by them, is ignored because they seek to prove their own ideas and satisfy their ego through them.

A great many things are on the verge to happen to both humanity and the earth. Changes in our solar system and universe, a new star will appear and natural disasters from which there is no escape. People will try to stock up, flee to other places in order to save themselves, not caring for others but themselves. Then for a little while it will look as if this great turmoil has passed and humanity starts to pick up where it was left but with an even greater drive to satisfy ego, but then the last horn will be blown. The reason why this needs to be said is that you might remember when all this happens to turn to God.

God has set this clock, both for the micro as for the macro world, from personal to global events and developments and that it involves everything shown throughout truth and revelations.We will show you a couple more found by scientists, not that they are vital for your survival but they will enable you to strengthen and re-find your faith and let go of personal beliefs so you take what is given as the real path to the tree of life as your first and highest priority.

The Belgian professor Kris Thijs of the university of Diepenbeek who passed away, did extensive research on the pyramid of Giza and the Bible whereby he shows that our solar system is not a collection of coincidences but based on a structure which is explained extensively on Truth and Revelations including the cubit 52,36 or 0,5236.

He also mentions the circle to be 42 cubits (el) as the sum of planets, a multiple of 7 x Pi , the root is 7 and 5, and this 75 x 52,36 is 3927 which as you might remember is the Bible, the 66 books, 39 in the old and 27 in the new testament. Now the circle is 42 which makes the 18 and has its root in 75

Now the kings ell 56,25 x 75 is 42.18.75 42×18×75=5670 and 75×75=5625 which is 1,5×1,5×2,5 the ark of covenant 56,25. Wonder how related this all is?

The big cycle of the zodiac is 25920 years, the 39 and 27 books make 66 and 66 x 3927=259182 825 x 3,1416. Each of these more complex numbers can all be reduced to simple numbers such as this 8 and 25. I have shown you most already and in these links you will find that the numbers of the structure and so the meaning that is connected to it is the base of all holy sites. Just one more thing to be mentioned again here, as you know there are 32 paths on the tree (to understand Daath 33 you will need to read through the articles) and 32 paths are a smaller versions of the bigger cycle, therefore 18 the 1 and the 8 as explained in previous articles. As you will see 32 x 18 = 576 including Daath 33th 33 x 18 =594 x 2 =1188 its reverse 495 x 2 =990.

The difference is 198. Now it is important to see them not as numbers for a moment and see the number in the middle as the unseen guide so the first number is 54 the second 45 and third 18, the first two being related to leaving and entering the ark, the last one with the cycle it travels upon, the torus created by the star of Bethlehem, the holy grail. The 1188 are the two trees and 990 Amen.


and then look at this link:


You will come to see that the so called Bible code is much more than that, it is the very first language from which all others came, and the Bible… the laws are written on the two tablets (circles) that creates the thorus “Thora” and is the base of the all. It creates both micro and macro, atoms, solar systems, galaxies, the universe, black holes and its measurements. But humanity believed they thought up the meter and feet or the angle of degrees, the circle of 360, all cycles including the weeks, the hours, minutes or seconds of a day were all given to us, and you still do not believe they are God’s word? And all answers are already given but you were not able to see it.

Questions comes to mind, why reinventing the wheel? Why searching for something that is already there?

Now let us look at this 33 again, on the 7th of June 1967 the city of Jerusalem was returned to its rightful owners during the 6 days war, this is where the 40 years for Israel began which brings us to 7th of June 2007. And on the 7th /8th of June 2008 it will be the first day and the 33th Omer sins. And that day the night of the festival of harvest from the 7th to the 8th 2008. The day of Pentecost! Read the book of Ruth 1:22 separating the barley from the chaff. The reaping what is sown.

Now the 26th of April 04.08 half way the eight is the 4, a smaller version of the 40 leaves 42 days until the coming of the holy ghost and you might remember the circle is 42 ell, a completion of a cycle.

2007 divided by 33 is 60.8181818… the 6th month and 8th returning to the holy grail, star of Bethlehem.

While not fully correct, this will give you an idea of the tick tack of a pendulum of a clock moving from left to right in the precession of the equinoxes that represents the orientation of the earth axis of rotation, this cycle is 25920 years.

Summer Solstice takes place in the year 2,000 AD, the beginning of the Age Aquarius. At this time the earth’s axis of rotation is pointing at the pole star Polaris. The circle on the right represents the path followed by Vega due to the rotation of the celestial sphere. The smaller circle in the centre of the Vesica Piscis symbol represents the path followed by the celestial axis over a period of 25920 years.

The cross represents the four cardinal points (cardinal cross) and marks the solstices and equinoxes of this cycle. The Vesica occupies the space between the two overlapping circles that form the Vesica Piscis symbol. But in an upright position.

Winter Solstice took place in the year 10,000 BC, the beginning of the Age Leo. At this time the earth’s axis of rotation is pointing at the pole star Vega. The circle on the left represents the path followed by Polaris due to the rotation of the celestial sphere. The two positions of the earth’s axis through six Age’s, from the beginning of Aquarius to the beginning of Leo takes about 12,000 years. As the axis moves it traces out 180 degrees of a circle from Polaris to Vega and will take 12,000 years to return to Polaris, completing 360 degrees of a circle. Aquarius is the first Age of a new cycle.

What you will also be able to see is the cross in the middle 4 points, 4 corners.

Just something you might wish to look up, the earth is 149600000km away from the sun, 28 times 1496 is 41888 and this as you might recall is the formula of a globe or 8 times the cubit 5236.

All the measurements, the relationship among them, the circumference and the time it takes to circle the sun.

This is why I speak to them in parables: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand. In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: “‘You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.” (Matthew 13:13-14)

Johannes Kepler (Mathematician and Astronomer, 1571-1630) had greater insight into the universe than you might have suspected when he said: Geometry has two great treasures: one the Theorem of Pythagoras; the other, the division of a line into extreme and mean ratio. The first we may compare to a measure of gold; the second we may name a precious jewel.”

and this is your measuring rod

He who wishes to travel high should leave ego home as it will weigh you down.

Therefore be a light unto yourself and make yourself light.

Desire is the raven that steals the bread of a dove.

Desire is a hunger that is never stilled.

Greed is he who walks over a field of pennies to get a pound.

Jealousy sees in others the enemy that lives in themselves.

Emotions are the switch that changes the mask personality wears to each occasion.



Moshiya van den Broek