173. The cycle of the cross

There is a cycle that lasts 6480 years in which two crosses (eight pointed) join in one cross again, something called the galactic cross by J.M.Jenkins. This knowledge, although rudimentary, is one of the secrets of freemasonry in their initiation rituals. When we look at the two pillars in front of the temple of Salomon, Boaz and Jachin, where in the holiest of holy the ark of covenant was kept and protected by two cherubim, a cross between man and animal, the head of a man (water bearer) and the body of a bull, the back and tail of a lion and the wings of an eagle (scorpion of Aquilla), you can recognize the signs of the zodiac again.

This can also be recognized in the sphinx in Egypt being the guardian and in the old Assyria the cherubim were called Kirubu and protected the tree of life.

As you might have noticed there is this eight again, but let us first look at the length of the cycle of the zodiac again, it lasts for 25920 years. You might also recall that the Egyptians had a boat that would take them to the heaven and in the story of the Bible Noah the righteous build a boat that eventually reached the top of the mountain and received the olive branch, it took 40 days and 40 nights (again 8(0)). Now this cycle was 6480 years, times 4(0) is indeed 25920 years and twice this is 5184 the alchemy number of transmutation.

5760 which is the eight in degrees (check related articles) minus this 5184 = 576 again. The eight will be familiar to you by now and you will also understand a little about left and right, the one on the left or right side of the eight. So in number it looks like this 18 or 81. But we also spoke about the knowledge in the Kabbala which speaks of 32 paths. 25920 divided by 32 is 810 or 81, and this same 25920 divided by 18 is 144(0).

Now because this cycle needs to run twice in order to transform there must be a time where the cross is a false cross, and the very reason why during the time that the Templars were arrested on the 13th of October 1307, confessed that during the initiation they said: place not your trust in this cross for it is not old enough, while showing the cross of Christ. Blasphemy they said and burned them at the stake.

It is this cross that brings the great shift, a cross that humanity has to bare unless he himself makes the shift in time.



Moshiya van den Broek