171. The key to everything

My dear friends we are pleased to inform you that the article “ the key to everything” is published in the popular magazine Frontier. This magazine is a Dutch magazine and our Dutch and Belgian readers will be able to get it at their book stores. But we are busy getting the article translated into English as well for our English speaking readers.

The time has come to bring the articles under the attention of the general public, media, scientists and spiritual orientated groups and organizations. One of the major goals is not what you would expect at first sight, while the insights into the structure will lead to breakthroughs in science,  something far more important needs to be addressed. Science might see great opportunities, but most of them will not fit in the new world. Why, you might wonder. Because in the ability to have a real overview they will discover that what they think is a contribution might in fact be the opposite.

Mankind has been looking for happiness that would last, it tried to find the reason for suffering, and for many the idea of inherited sin was in many cases not something that would make it understandable or be comfort for those who lost a dear one. What is far more important and what would lead to a world everyone would call paradise is real insight into self. What this real seeing and hearing is about, how to obtain it, to really understand free will, to realize how duality comes into existence, where thoughts come from, what evil really means, and that mankind has been a slave without ever realizing it, and not in the way most of the conspiracy theorists are claiming we are slave. Yes it is true that if you have a position in society, the influence you might have is far bigger. The possibility in such position might also be under the same guidance as anyone else (desire/fear) but has more tools to chase it. Mankind might realize that past experiences are limited in insight, often also seen from an emotional point of view, but what they often do not realize is that these past judgments (the way you did see it then) are still looking /hearing / feeling from that past point of view and influencing you from a subconscious level in the present, projecting it out into the future.

At this moment, for most, thinking is still compulsive and involuntary,  even addictive and the upcoming shift will be sudden for them. But for those who are on what they call the spiritual path, have had a gradual process until now where they started to dis-identify with thoughts and emotions through the rising of awareness and feel the shift is near, it will not be so sudden. But they too still struggle to let go, they still find it difficult to lose the self, but this identifying self is ego. Your essence, the true self is the space from where all is born and dies, but you still identify with content (ego) opinion, like and dislike, desire, fear, greed, ambition, anger, resentment, good and bad are all subject to the law. And if you seek to find this true self in content all you will really find is frustration and suffering. But when you finally disconnect with content then ego loses control. Talking about this shift, while this shift differs from the previous shifts they were all evolutionary jumps and there a new species comes into being and the cause of what science calls the missing link, they do not seem to find.

Remember that all desire creates a wanting that says that the future is more desirable than the present, so if you identify yourself with this “I want, long for “ and the impulses you receive, then you remain this slave (as in the story of Egypt with Moses). Therefore this stillness in you is your essence, not what is in it but where it is in, and when this stillness becomes conscious then the dove returns with the olive branch (this stillness is more than quieting the mind).

But realize that ego fears stillness. Do you recall those moments where you enjoyed something deeply, even in the midst of a concert there was a kind of stillness separate from the music you did hear, or when you are with a loved one, or these beautiful moments, a sunset, the midst all these impulses there was a peaceful inner stillness yet more deeply aware at the same time.

Remember also that emotions are reactions of the body to your thoughts, that pure feeling is pure conscious awareness of the essence in which all takes place, without identification with. These emotions will disappear when thoughts stop to tell these limited old tales of his content. Like fear will cease to be when mind stops creating future scenarios to which the body reacts as if it is happening right now.

To surrender to feeling without feeding it with thought will be a weapon to slay evil/ego, but expectation will give it life .

When you feel down, diminished in power or demoted to a defensive posture in relation to some situation in your life,  then you have forgotten something truly important, that you are infinite essence. You can transform both your experience and outcome in any given situation if deep within the outer garb of your body and personality, you remember you are….. in which the infinite uni-verse expresses itself and when you enter this state you become co=creator.



Moshiya van den Broek