15. The cubit, cycles and the star of Beth-Le-Hem

The cubit is the measure that was used in the story of the ark of Noah. As you will recall the ark travelled over the sea until it came to rest. Now from my previous articles you will know that the cubit is 52,36 measure or cycles even better if I would say measure and cycle. Cycles like in 52 weeks, and a year (a biblical of 36(0) days, and bigger ones like 52 years of 360 days) measure such as in the multiplication of the cubit to a full root of 8 cubits which will give you PI, golden ratio, etc.

And then the star of Beth-Le-Hem that has the shape of the number 8 which is build of two circles overlapping eachother by golden ratio which will leave you with two 288 degree part circles, so the total circumference of the two times 288 is 576.

But I also explained that there are 3 such 8`s or 3 x 576. Two of them are the tree of good and evil, so two times 576 is of course 1152, while 3 times 576 is 1728.

That these 3, the cubit, cycles and the star belong together will become more clear when you know that each 576 has 16 times 36 in it (16×36=576), so to have done the tree of good and evil would mean: 16 x 36 = 576, plus 16 x 36 = 1152

Twice 16 is 32 and 32 as you will recall is how long it takes to build a heart, and indeed the tree of good and evil. And now the 17 to make it good (the heart) from two times 576 (which is 1152) to 3 times 576 (is 1728, which is 3 times 16 x36 =1728) but not 16 is not 17 so if you would do 17 x 36 = 612, plus the two times 16 x 36 will be 1764. Now pay attention: this is 49 times 36 and it is also the 32 to make a heart plus the 17 to make it good. This is as high as you can get (this is related to the story of the ark, the raven and the dove).

But now something you will also know and question the 144. Well, this is 4 times 36 4 or 40. Yes read the story again and you will start to see that the story falls into place and you will likely come to the realization that the story is written by and is within the structure you have come to know as the Star of Beth-Le-Hem. Yes, because 1728 plus 144 is 1872, and 1872 divided by 36 is 52 yes 52 x 36 = 1872.

Now just look back for a moment where it came to 1764. The 17 you know, the 7 that leads to the one. 3 times 576 = 1728. Well, divide it by the 64 and you get 27. Yes, 26 generations and then the new one 27.

I can give you one more clue, in the golden ratio we speak 0.618, 1.618 and 2.618. For those who would say “yes, but it was 17 and not 27”, yes indeed and it was 7 too. The two now stands for 2 or twice 13 plus one.

Male and female together, the tree of good and evil. But let’s go one more, 1764 plus 36 is indeed 1800. The one and 8 and two cycles, so 1764 is the dove send for the first time 1+7+6+4=18 while 17plus 64=81 yes and again 18 + 81 = 99 and 1152 + one time 36 = 1188. Here one could say the tree of good and evil and the one on the right side. All this in accordance with the story of Noah and the ark.

It should be clear by now that the one on the left or right side has meaning, and you should not forget that each of the numbers describe the way, the 8 being the cycle you can not get off from, the one through which you return to the father 1.

But here again much more should be said. We still got the 3, 6 and 9 while we already spoke about the 6 and 9 lightly before. The 7 will be in the follow up on it’s own and we will talk about the 5 too which is really a mirror 2, and we will then also talk about the 4.


Moshiya van den Broek