169. The 7th planet

The 7th word in the Bible has a value of 296, and it means earth. They often say it is the value of a word…but numbers were the first language. The creational language.

Some of you might say that they heard that the earth is 108, let’s see, 2 x 9 x 6=108. So yes, there is a relationship.

108 is a radius, and the moons radius is 1080 statute miles, the radius of the earth is 3960 miles. The Sun has a diameter of 864000 statute miles. 864 divided by two gives you 432. Now were that not musical notes 396 and 432? And 8 times this 396 is lord Jesus Christ 3168.

And eight times 108 is 864 again the sun!

In Greek, the value of holy spirit is 1080. Its mirror image would be 801.  If A is 1 or alpha and omega is 800 then alpha + omega is 801 and 801 is the value of the word dove, and the dove returned with holy spirit Amen.

108+801= 909, the value of amen is 99.

666 plus 1080 is 1746.  Plato called this “the same and the other” and the value of  “a grain of mustard seed”

The value of Godhead is 592 which is twice 296.

If we take the value of the letters of each of the 12 tribes of Israel they will add up to 3700. Take the first five names and they add up to 1332, then the next 4 add up to 1480 and the other 3 add up to 888.

Christ is 1480 and 1+4+8 is 13, the 13th tribe Levi. In the Fibonacci series 13 it the 7th number. 1080 plus 13320 is 14400. If you take the full letter value of alpha 532 plus omega 800 you get 1332 again.

Now back to the 12 tribes again, the total was 3700. Here too we have the mirrors again 37 and 73. Now the earth 296 times the 12th number in the Fibonacci series is 144 so 296 times 144 is 42624 days and this equals 73 synodic periods of Venus, 1152( 576 x 2) times 37 is also 42624 and by the way the 13th number of the Fibonacci series is 233. Divide this by the 12th number 144 and you get 1,61805555 golden ratio. Now 17 is a special number too, add up 1 + 2 + 3.. up to 17 and it gives you 153, there were 7 disciples with Jesus during that part in the Bible and 9/10 of 170 is 153. 77 times 153 gives you 11781 and twice 11781 is the ark of Noah again 23562. The full letter value of this first line in the bible is 2701 and is equal to 37 x 73.

These numbers of the 12 tribes 1332, 1480 and 888 are proportions 5:4:3 of the first Pythagoras triangle.

Now the reason of this article is not to explain these numbers again but more to point out something else, letters ARE numbers and numbers ARE letters. And they are all related to each other just like you could see in the relationship between the planets.

That means there is structure and rules. You will also be able to see that the new testament used the number knowledge of the old testament.

The main problem mankind has, is ego, as you were able to discover. Which means, they do not seek cooperation in the common goal, therefore we need your help! If you are serious in doing something to make a change for the better, in order to play a major role we need to unite to gain the strength and be heard. Political groups gain strength by their number of people supporting them but those who wish for a world where spirituality is a major factor in decisions for a common good, are like little islands. This is partly due to seekers who seek to find their personal confirmations of the truth. This automatically means each operates individual. This is true for a part as you need to find the truth within yourself, but if you find unity in yourself then you need to become this unity in your actions too, otherwise all these ego guided organizations can continue to follow their own desire/fear driven goals, without the spiritual guidance. Governments and organizations who should be there for the common good of mankind will continue to use common good as excuse to satisfy personal desire. Economy is a play to create shortages so they can control prices and make slaves. Look at the present oil prices while their profits are the highest ever, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, the medical professions are not out there to cure, because that would mean they do not earn anymore. So what they seek is to create a need, a dependency.

Any effort to solve the energy problems or hunger are nothing more than empty talk. We cannot send the mountains of food, that does not fit their standard to those in need for it, so it is destroyed otherwise we cannot ensure that these countries are in depth and we can earn from them in either cheap labour or resources such as oil.

The Truth-Revelations foundation is building a spiritual centre with you and for you, its aim is for you to gain spiritual insights that can and should be implemented on a global scale for the common good of all. Its members come from all over the world and from all religions, all branches of science and specially YOU.

And there are many ways that you can help. Unity within you that is not expressed into your life and into this world is like a farmers harvest rotting in the field.

Joined effort is a ship that reaches its destiny while those who stand on their own can expect mutiny and end up lost at sea.



Moshiya van den Broek