166. Death of ego

There are teachers who say you cannot reach enlightenment unless you want it as much as a suffocating man wants to breath and there are other teachers that say you already are and all is perfect, just enjoy the ride. In a way they are both right. To seek, be a seeker, means you wish to reach and this means you place it in the future while it is in the NOW, and yes you already are, as you might recall, that part of soul that is already there in the now but you are conscious only of the physical and mental body which reflects and projects from past to future. Therefore attachment!

So what about this wanting? If we call it intensity, not in wanting something because that again is projecting in the future, but an intensity to let go, to drive you to the now. It is not a doing but an allowing.

As your essence is already there you do not require more time, or more experience. Both future and past prevent you from being “in the now”.  And it is not about achieving or becoming.

All knowledge and insights given have the purpose of the realizing that mankind has become materialistic and individualistic. While it has given tools, it has also taught us to look into details whereby the whole is lost in sight. This is the cycle that leads to growth up the ladder of chakras.  At the end of each cycle the narrowing becomes a widening, much like focusing on a single thing that leads to losing sight of the whole at first, until you move back and see its place in the whole again. A dominating left or right hemisphere, male or female.

In dreams mankind gets lost in the details while the details are only a shape, a tool to picture a bigger story/message.

Transparency or clarity therefore comes by letting go of personal attachment. This is why the Bible kept its deeper secrets hidden. The story and its details are a vehicle, a tool to convey a bigger story, metaphors and parables.



Moshiya van den Broek