165. Only for the spiritually enhanced

The last years I warned that the present system would collapse, the housing market, the financial market and they said, no it will not happen, now some are starting to realize that the whole system is indeed collapsing. Others say it will pass by, but how can it? When judgment is done through ego personality? When choices are made from a limited viewpoint. Can mankind take everything into account? Even good will is limited to the level of understanding one has collected.

Nearly all those who are seeking, seek according their liking. Some are waiting for a magic pill, others follow instructions of a guru who himself is a seeker but pretends to have found it, yet others again think it will happen all by itself. Have you ever considered what led you to this preference or attitude?

Did you know that there are about 300 milliseconds between the actual action and the impulse of the brain? In tests they found that if a subject was given a choice to use his left or right hand to push a button they could see 6 to 8 seconds before the subject made a choice which hand he would use? Does this not question free will? Throughout the articles it is explained that you do not really have a free will because the mind and feeling dictate your actions and thoughts which it has based on past experiences and impulses it receives from the outer world. They are generated and judged/weighted in the subconscious mind and surface as thoughts, actions and feelings.

You are a slave and there is no key to unlock you from your prison unless you realize this. You might blame others and say they manipulate people through news, adds etc. but are they themselves also not manipulated by desire and fear? That their lust for money and power is in reality a clear sign that they are prisoners too who seek freedom, but are guided. The Bible has called it evil but it is not out there but within you.

What does it take to wake up, to take action, to stand up? Waiting for your government? Or others to act? Yes they talk about adjusting rules to protect the environment, but is it really to protect the environment, your health, the future and for peace? No, they feed you with what you want to hear. You will probably know the conspiracy theories about the governments, for example that they don’t do anything about the millions of litres of oil that are changed from engines while it is known by tests that have been done which prove you can do 350,000 km without having to change your engine oil. About free energy, and those who really rule the world, this list is endless, opec, banks, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industries etc. Those rules, laws and so called good intentions have one common goal, the money game! Look at this video made by Wilders calling the Koran a fascist book, fuelling the fire of hatred, while tv commercials are being shown that cost fortunes to prevent terrorists from causing harm and asking you to pay attention. Where are the actions and words that brings people to unite, that show there is only one God but many interpretations.

But this money game happens within spirituality too! False prophets is mentioned in the Bible too, the seeking person is a great target for commerce, for the money game again. But one tip, give them what they are looking for with room for personal ideas, make sure it satisfies body and mind, and spirit they don’t know, so keep that mystical. Just look at the success of the secret, marketing! And “material wealth can be yours”, you will be able to create and materialize all you wish for. When I was asked what the lecture I gave was about and I said ‘about the ability to see and hear truth’, the person said, “Oh, this is a pity I am into this famous medium” (one of the mediums know from tv).

Yes many who call themselves spiritual are in fact very material. To understand that both mental and physical belong to this world, the world of matter, that the third part of the soul, often misinterpreted as the spiritual realm, the holy ghost, is gods will. That the true choice is between god and evil, that the choice between good and evil from a mental and physical level of which good is the lesser evil, is the first real step one has to take for which the strength to consciously make this choice, comes from self-knowledge.

So to understand how to create peace, justice and love on Earth, you will need to understand duality, the principle that everything (in the mental/physical world ) consists of opposites that have made you compare and estimate, criticize and create conflicts (individual means being disconnected). You often hear this being said: You have been given free will as co-creators in the Universe and thus we are beings of enormous potentials, but as long as we perceive ourselves as small and insignificant we grasp blindly for answers. When we understand how we can apply the mental and emotional energy that we possess in ways that serves us.

In truth both the mental and physical are of this world and IS NOT HOLY SPIRIT. What is “the secret” hype about? It can be compared with letting a child play with a real gun, because you need to realize and ask yourself who is really leading? Just look at the state of this world right now, look at what is done with this limited power man has and the inventions from understanding the physical world.

Thoughts and feelings are forms of energy. When you suppress painful emotions, you create subconscious thought forms that prevent flow in the Life Force coming to every one of you from the Universal Energy. These thought patterns create, not only conflicts, but also physical and mental suffering because your thoughts, feelings and body are tightly tied together through the human energy system. In fact this preventing of flow can also be seen as redirecting, left or right.

You can help humanity to remove the deep conflict-creating blindfolds and help them see and use the tools which help you to consciously dissolve all kinds of thoughts that blind you. The articles on this website are designed to come to realisation and to liberate you from the subconscious thought forms that don’t serve you anymore. Yes they did serve you.

Some of you are approaching a time of letting go of all thoughts that create conflicts, injustice and war, to live in peace. When you have let go of all ideas that prevent you from being the love and wisdom you have found The Holy Grail. It is within your grasp, join, learn, and act accordingly. Are you really waking up or do you wish to continue to wait for ufo’s, magic spells or a pill. Or is desire keeping you in this game? Are you really a spiritual teacher or is your desire and fear eating of the desire and fear of others? Join and learn the true teaching, that does not keep prisoners but sets them free.

Any present teaching that needs a mediator/medium and does not teach you truth but feeds your emotional needs is the teaching of the king of the world.



Moshiya van den Broek