164. Music of the spheres

During the second world war the Nazi’s altered the musical standard to 440 Hertz while it used to be 432 Hertz. I will not go into the reasons for this and leave this to the conspiracy theorists.

Let’s have a look, if A is 432 Hertz then the octaves of it are 27 Hertz, 54, 108, 216, 864, 1728 etc. The D note will then be 576 Hertz with the octaves 9 hertz, 18, 36, 72, 144, 288, 1152. The E note will then be 324 and its octaves , 81 , 162 , 648 , 1296 etc. For those of you who have studied the articles will recognize all the familiar numbers of the star of Bethlehem again and also notice that there are mirror images again. But they will also have noticed that these numbers can be divided by 9 and that 4+3+2=9 also, yes it all is based on the very same structure.

Now let’s look at the numbers of the cycles given in the old scriptures. The Jews have 144.000 chosen ones. The Indian culture have this great cycles: Kali Yuga is 432.000 years, Satyug is 1728.000 year, Treta is 1.296.000 year and Dwapar is 864.000 years. Then the cycles mentioned by the Mayan’s : Tun is 18 uinal is 360 days, Katun is 20 tun is 7,200 days, Baktun is 20 katun is 144.000 days.

Not only are they related to the processional movement, but life itself, it influences the chakras, plants etc.

As you know from the articles this cycle of the zodiac takes 25920 years and is divided by 12 signs of the zodiac each lasting 2160 years. Our basis of geometry and the circle of 360 degrees(25920 / 72 =360) so it may come to no surprise that much of our math, science and spirituality were based on this knowledge, but just look at how far science and spirituality are moved away from each other, just like astronomy and astrology .

A little more, take this cycle of 25920 and divide it by 60 will give you the base note again of 432. While 25920/360 gives you the octave of D again 72.

You might recall the fact that there were 12 disciples and Christ making 13. That there are 13 chakras, 12 zodiacal signs and the snake or stick(recall the story of Moses in Egypt turning the stick or cane into a snake and back again). So let’s take the 13 times 2160 is 28080 (288) and divide it by the base note 432 is 65 (the 6 and 5 star in reverse). The zero between the eights means passing through the eye of the thorus.

Light is 2997… km divided by 45 (the ark of Noah) is 666.

You will have also heard that 144 is light,

144 x 56,25=8100

144 x 31,25=4500

51,84 / 144=36

The difference between 8100 and 4500 is 3600.

25920/1800 is 1440.

12 times 144 is 1728 and number 13 makes it 1872.

18 x 72 is 1296 a turning point (96) 12 x 96 is 1152,

which is twice 576 or the tree of good and evil.

This 96 is located where the 6 and 5 pointed star join.

The 1728 17 x 28 is 476 (100 short of 576).

11 times 476 is 5236. 33 times is 15708 which is 3 times 5236 and as you might recall the opening

from the 5 pointed star into the 6 pointed star is in the 15th division and reached through the 7th. Daath is the mystical 33 of the cabbala, the Commander of the interior of the temple of the free masons. Just look at the old measures 12 ounces troy is 5760 grains, and 12 ounces apothecaries is 96 drams apothecaries is 288 scruples is 5760 grains.

Now you might realize that the term master builder is related to this and that in the old days they wished to build according gods law or measure, even the songs!

Some of you say, I am not into numbers but you see numbers only as quantity, they were in fact the first language from which all other languages came. Even if you only look at them and recognize that there is only one structure upon which they all fit, then you might realize all major religions are built around this holy grail and start to realize that I reveal to you the light and the way.

As for you, O Daniel, make secret the words and seal up the book, until the time of the end (Daniel 12:4).

Gods will is that all sorts of men should be saved and come to accurate knowledge of truth Timothy 2:4. Do not delay. Take in the knowledge that means ever-lasting life (John 17:3).



Moshiya van den Broek