160. A star shines for you

As explained the structure gives you all, it tells you of the cycles both of the stars and that of mankind, both as a whole as well as on an individual level. The stories  told cannot be disconnected from each other. The stars tell a story of the events of the heavens which reflects the story of man and vice versa. Science often tells you that the moon causes the seas to rise and fall “ebb and flood”  but as everything is connected you cannot isolate one thing as cause. Both micro and macro.

There are many religions that tell a similar story: Gilgamesh tells a similar story about a basket with a baby, like Moses,  who is then raised by royalty, it talks about the dove etc. The same story is told in India where he is called Manu, in Babylon he is called Nemo, in Crete he is called Minos and in Egypt he is called Mises.

I also told you about cycles within cycles repeating itself, look at the comparison:

Joseph – Jesus

12 brothers – 12 disciples

The miracle birth – the miracle birth

Judah suggest to sell Joseph – Judas suggests to sale Jesus

Sold for 20 pieces – sold for 30 pieces

Works at age 30 – works at age 30

You might recall that Jesus lived out gods plan, he physically expressed the major story line with his own life. Let’s have a closer look , from the summer to the winter solstice the sun reaches its lowest point as it moves to the south where it literally dies for 3 days on the 22th, 23th  , and 24th. During those 3 days the sun rises through the constellation called the southern cross or crux and is reborn to move to the north again.

On a large scale let’s look at the zodiac, 12 signs or 12 tribes of is-ra-el, remember RA sun-god? 12 judges of Israel, 12 patriarchs, 12 OT prophets, 12 kings and Jesus at the age of 12 in the temple, 12 signs of the zodiac. Moses moves from the bull or Taurus to Aries or goat and Jesus moved into Pisces or two fishes. When Jesus is asked where the new Passover will be, he answers in Luke 22:10: behold when ye are entered into the city there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water, follow him into the house where he entereth, in Aquarius!

As you will know a great year is 25920 years and is a full cycle of 12 zodiacs, 12 times 2160 years. 12 of these cycles bring you to 31104 which is equal to 144 times 2160. While 25 times the eight or 5760 is 144,000.

5760 itself is 40 times 144.

There are two of the eights or 576 which gives you 1152

And a third which makes 1728 another cycle.

576 light and 576 darkness or 40 days and 40 nights.

Now look closely at these mirrors 1296 and 6912.

1296 divided by 12 is 108 and 6912 divided by 12 is 576.

Those of you who have studied the other articles know the relationship between 18 and 576. 6912 x 25 is 172800.

1296 divided by 25 is 51,84 while 1296 times 25 is 32400.

And when you look where this is on the star of Bethlehem then you realize it is where the 5 and 6 pointed star come together to make 96 degrees. 1296 is halfway a turning point a full cycle of 25920. Divided by 2 is 12960.

As you might also remember the ark 300×50×30 is 45(000).

The big cycle of 25920 divided by 576 is indeed 45 and getting out is reverse or 54 and 54 times 576 is indeed the creational date again of 31104.

Joseph was suggested to be sold for 20 pieces and Jesus for 30 pieces.  2160 divided by 20 is 10,8 and 2160 divided by 30 is 7,2 the difference of 3,6 36 or 360 or add them together 10,8 plus 7,2 makes 18.

Big cycles and small cycles 5760 minus 5184 is 576.

Now 51,84 is the angle of degrees also found in the structure of the pyramid at Giza in Egypt, but can be found in alchemy also. And just one last little thing: the keys were, 52,36 and 56,25 and 31,25 and 51,84.

So now you have all 4. Added up is 1917, a not familiar number yet? Let’s go back to the 6912 but now add a cycle 69012 and divide by 36. Yes indeed 1917 the sum of all keys, and a turning point.



Moshiya van den  Broek