12. Truth in numbers

Many are concerned with the bible code. In general this research leads to juggling numbers because there is no knowledge of the language of numbers and it is not recognized within oneself.

Through knowing the whole structure and being able to place it all correctly, mistakes that at first sight seem correct, become visible. On a regular basis I meet scientists from all over the world, including researchers like Ian Campbell, a mathematician who wrote for instance “Geneset: Target Earth” (on which many, like Hancock, based their books). They bring in all their knowledge and are amazed and astonished because it is, as they say, “perfect”. There is really nothing that doesn’t fit in perfectly.

Of course you are right to say that much is given a place by people on the basis of their knowledge, which is limited. But the mistake is to consider that “own knowledge” to be the measure. A researcher from England said: “Yes but at a certain moment we decided that a circle is 360, it could also have been 200!” Man may have the arrogance to think that he is the discoverer of…..and with great pride he may want to present himself as the famous inventor or discoverer of, but in reality all is given to him. Your own bible code research would be pointless if number didn’t come first on which the letter is based.

Indeed not quantity but quality or property. What is called number is the first language from which all other arose. Number defines the road – word added image!

Like in Kabbalah, in which every place on the tree is given a value/meaning, and one is tempted to add one’s own ideas to it, it remains number juggling. Even when they appear to conform to all the requirements of the ideas one has. But even though initially it seems contradictory, this also had its place.  32 steps were needed to make a heart and 17 to make it good, “necessary evil”. Through self-recognition in the material world individual self-awareness was born, which ultimately leads to ALL-awareness. The heart made connections with this world through its senses. Turned outwards, seeking of itself, the senses as antennae which made contact, connections between feeling and mind/reason and thus found recognition of itself/matter. This was expressed by Jesus with his outer life, by which he showed an inner one. When he was asked if it was necessary to build a house for g-d, he said “no”, and with his hand on his heart he said “this is your temple”. Then why did he throw out the money changers out of the external, physical temple if it wasn’t g-ds house? He expressed that money should not have a place there (in the inner temple). It shouldn’t be difficult to see that both, the relative good and the relative evil, have taken place in it. Just look around you, if you have it or not, it made connections with feeling, but the feeling that is directed outward.

The value of the word “good” in Hebrew is 2+6+9=17

1+ 2+ 3 + 4+ 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 +10 + 11+12 + 13 + 14 + 15+ 16 +17=153

It is the amount of fish in the net sufficient to “feed everyone”. It is the 9 places on the tree on which the 17 needs to be achieved. 9×17=153 then one can feed those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Then these 153 or 9 insights need to be expressed on the outer 7. This equals the dove that was sent out, after the raven didn’t return, in the outer representation of the Ark of Noah, because 153 x7=1071 times the 22(letters) = 23562 And indeed 300x50x30=45 45 times the cubit (52,36)=23562.

This 23562……the Ark of Noah divided by the Ark of the Covenant 1.5 x .1.5 x 2.5 = 5625.

23562 / 56.25 = 41888 which equals the formula of the volume of a sphere but also the all-encompassing because 41 is the value of King and the (3)888 are the 3 cycles or worlds. 8×52,36=41888.

This 8 is of course the circumference of the two circles which in degrees is 576. Think of the Hebrew calendar system 5760. And of course the circumference of the star of beth-le-hem (3).

Nevertheless I again ask not to juggle with the numbers.

Because without knowing the language of numbers you will get lost.



Moshiya van den Broek